Keep Mosquitoes and Midges Away

Like most of us who live on the Gold Coast, we enjoy outdoor entertaining, especially during the summer months. Mosquitoes can be particularly problematic if you live on the water or surrounded by a lush garden. The rainy season can bring on an abundance of mozzies and midges, mostly due to puddles forming around the house. Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in still standing water, so eliminating this problem is the best way to combat mozzies. Insect repellent is always going to be your number 1 tool in the fight against the midge, so make sure you always have some handy and accept it's just a part of life living on the Gold Coast.
In the mean time we've collected some tips and tricks that may well help in keeping mosquitoes and midges out of the garden.

Remove all water sources that mosquitoes love to breed in like left over water in the watering can, buckets and holes or uneven ground. Tree stumps are another haven for mozzie breeding. Fill in uneven ground and holes to prevent water build up and store away any such containers (buckets etc) in the shed or garage or elsewhere to stop them from also collecting water.

Replace bird bath water every week and make sure your swimming pool is regularly treated. If you have a bad mosquito problem you may need to replace water every few days or remove it all together while you get the problem under control.

Smoking coils and citronella candles can help with added protection, however you may need several to surround yourself. Always remember to extinguish candles when you head back indoors and set coils in a place away from any furnishings.

Make sure lawns are regularly mowed and the garden is kept pruned and tidy.

Plant mosquito repelling plants around the garden, especially around swimming pools, outdoor patios and entertainment areas. Some good mozzie repelling plants include: Citrinella; Lavenda; Rosemany; Lemon Teatree; Catnip, Lemon Eucalyptus.

UV bug zappers are not very effective for fighting mosquitoes, they may be attracted to the light but not normally 'zapped'. Mozzies and other biting insects are more attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled by people and pets. Zappers, traps and cartridges that use Octenol, a chemical that attracts biting insects, are most beneficial as they are lured away from you.

For inside the home you can install a couple of automatic insect repellent dispensers. This will help get the midges that managed to easily get through the window screens!

Unfortunately the mosquito is just a part of life and no remedy is ever going to be 100% effective, but if we keep on top of things, hopefully some of our tips will help decrease the mozzie and midge population in your garden, or at least prevent them from much.

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